How would you react if you discovered that you had AIDS? Would you tell your family or friends? Would you take revenge and infect others? Do you know anyone who has AIDS? How does this affect your own life? This is a true story which answers these questions. It is a story which will touch the hearts and give hope to those living with AIDS/HIV and the families who are caring for them.


Juan Carlos is found dead in his car near his home. Was it an accident? Or something more sinister? His heartbroken partner reaches out to a lawyer friend to investigate his death. His family believe that the local drug dealer killed him because they had a heated argument just before his death. Will the lawyer be able to help them get justice? Not surprisingly, Juan’s family come up against many obstacles – a falsified death report, threats to their lives, drug dealers, corruption within the legal system.


When Alicia is injured in an accident, and then subsequently dies as a result, while she and her friends are fooling around during their school break, it leaves an entire community devastated. Following her funeral, and intent on contacting her again, her friends foolishly obtain a Ouija board and conduct a séance. It seems that they manage to make contact with Alicia, but it soon becomes apparent that they have, in fact, released an entity which is malevolent and which soon begins to threaten them with revenge for Alicia’s death. Fearing for their lives and unable to stop the presence they seek the help of paranormal investigator, Penny Lane. She tells the girls that they must destroy it and gives them detailed instructions on how to do it. But before they can even make a start the group are rocked by another death. And as the body count begins to rise, and several of Alicia’s friends are killed in mysterious circumstances, it becomes a race against time to destroy an evil before it kills them all.


A children’s tale about two squirrels and their friends who have to fight a bad witch to help keep their forest clean.


Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi also died in the crash, has always maintained that the deaths were engineered by members of the royal family and agents of the British state because they wanted to prevent Diana from marrying a Muslim.
“This is not an accident,” he said in the early hours of 31 August 1997, when he learned of the deaths. “It is a plot, an assassination.”


It was the swinging sixties. Manchester and Liverpool were rivals in the football league and the Merseybeat sound was dominating the charts with Freddie and the Dreamers at the top of the hit parade. But on the moors high above the city Ian Brady  and Myra Hindley were forging their place in history as a new breed of serial killer. Their depravity shocked and sickened the nation and left five families destitute. They escaped the death penalty by a matter of months which left the British taxpayer paying for their upkeep in jail. But what made them turn into sadistic killers? And how many more missing children are still buried on the moors? This story is about their relationship and how they planned their crimes. Maybe you will find the answers here.