I never used to believe in ghosts until I actually saw one!

I was living in Brixham, Devon in the UK at the time. I lived in an apartment that was part of a 16th century building. Anyway, I woke up one morning in June at about 6am.

I saw a black figure appear from my closet. It floated through the door and then floated past the window and vanished through the wall.

It didn’t frighten me and I thought I was crazy.

I asked the lady next door if she had ever experienced anything when she lived in my apartment. She said she thought she saw things move on their own and asked me why.

I told her the story and asked her not to tell anyone. I went to work.

When I returned from work my landlord was waiting for me outside my door. He asked me what I had seen. My neighbour had obviously told him.

So I told him what I had seen. He told me that there was a legend about the place. He said that in the 16th century the building was used as servant’s quarters for the lord of the manor who lived in the mansion adjoining the building. He said that the lord had had an affair with a servant and she became pregnant. Not wanting an scandal, she killed herself. He said that her ghost only appeared in June but he had never seen it.

I couldn’t believe I was living in a haunted place!

A friend of mine also saw it when he came to visit me and I had never mentioned anything to him and neither had the neighbour or landlord.

I only saw it once but often used to see objects move by themselves.

I move out of that particular apartment eventually but continued living in the same building in another apartment and never had any more problems.